Find Joy No Matter What

Dated: January 23 2024

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A few weeks ago, I had some significant water damage in my home. It would have been easy to dwell on the negative but I took a deep breath and after some tears I concentrated on the positive. I was overwhelmed by gratitude. It could have been so much worse. I am incredibly thankful to the amazing and caring professionals that came to my aid to help me deal with this.
First and foremost, Mike Gottlieb - a wonderful, talented and honest plumber who dropped everything to come to my rescue. Contact Mike at Gottlieb Plumbing at 267-566-0912. Contact Matt & Jeff Adami from Allied Adjustment Group at 215-741-6001. Contact Bob Shubert from Tristate Restoration at 215-252-1019, Special thanks to my caring vet Dr. Jaime Logan, who walked me through some suggestions to help my cats, who were upset due to all that was going on. They were all doing their jobs, but really cared and went above and beyond. As someone who runs a small business, I not only admire it but run my business the same way.
Two days later I touched base with my sister who reminded me that 27 years ago our dad died. One of the most sentimental and treasured things in my home is a white Steinway piano that was my parents and now belongs to my son Louis. It was miraculously undamaged. I immediately thought about JOY. So many happy times around the piano as kids, with my dad playing and singing. Listening to my son Louis play, and his friends gathered around singing and laughing. Whenever Louis visits and plays the piano, his music fills me with joy. My granddaughters were here for a visit recently and saw the picture of my parents, Sam & Louise. We talked about how those were my mommy and daddy and that Judah’s middle name is my mom’s. I know my parents would have so much joy seeing these two amazing girls. During their visit the girls sat at the piano and played with Louis and again - joy - I know my parents would have felt it; their parents felt it and I sure did.
I feel like each day brings a new learning experience. Your home is a place of great joy and memories. Your world is shaken when it’s damaged. I’m lucky that I can live in my house as we work towards putting my home sweet home back together. Find JOY no matter what!
Have a wonderful week, and please remember we are never too busy for your referrals! Working with people our past clients introduce us to brings us JOY.
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A few weeks ago, I had some significant water damage in my home. It would have been easy to dwell on the negative but I took a deep breath and after some tears I concentrated on the positive. I was

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