Home Sweet Home Holiday Memories & JOY in 2024

Dated: January 11 2024

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Happy New Year! Our word for 2024 is JOY – Own Your Joy! I hope 2024 is filled with lots of joy and holds many wonderful moments for you. We would love to hear your word(s) of the year.
Many of you know I value gratitude and appreciating what I/we do have and not what we don’t. It’s a powerful mindset when you switch the words GET & HAVE. Try it and let me know if you see a change.
Many of you received my client appreciation gift this year – a gratitude jar. Each week you are supposed to write down one great thing that happened and put it in the jar. After 6 months or a year open the jar and read about all the great things that have happened. Let me know if you would like one. When I emptied my jar a few days before the new year I felt such a sense of JOY, reliving all the GREAT things that happened to me.
I was talking to a couple who were moving right after Christmas, and they were saying how they wanted to have one last Christmas in their house. That’s what makes a house a home, and that no matter the circumstances moving is hard. Memories also bring us JOY.
I'm always struck by the joy on my granddaughters' faces when they see their parents, no matter how long it has been since they last saw them. When I talked to people about their holiday experiences their comments were filled with how great it was to celebrate with friends and family, or just spending time doing something special for them. I saw the joy on people’s faces when they greeted people they had not seen for some time, in airports, train stations and beyond. Joy is everywhere and my goal for 2024 is to Own It!
Selling and buying homes brings people JOY (1017 Muscovy Ln just sold, which made my sellers very happy!), reliving memories and making new ones. We are grateful that we get to share this journey with many of you. We depend on your referrals to keep our business going. 2024 here we come, spreading and sharing Joy with all of you.
Have a wonderful week, and please remember we are never too busy for your referrals! Working with people our past clients introduce us to brings us JOY.
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Home Sweet Home Holiday Memories & JOY in 2024

Happy New Year! Our word for 2024 is JOY – Own Your Joy! I hope 2024 is filled with lots of joy and holds many wonderful moments for you. We would love to hear your word(s) of the year.

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