Love is in the Air

Dated: February 8 2024

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Valentine's Day - like lots of other things - is the way you look at it. I love Valentine's Day, even though I’m not in love in the romantic sense. Hearts make me happy. I believe we need to appreciate all the ways love manifests in our lives. I have friends I love, work I love, volunteer activities I love, kids and grandchildren I love. I'm all for a day dedicated to letting people know you love them! We need more love in the world so let’s embrace it and spread love.
Our homes should be filled with love; I hope yours is. Home is truly our anchor. It’s so hard for people to separate from their stuff, and I’ve come to realize it's because stuff is attached to memories. By getting rid of stuff, people feel the memories are gone. I’ve found that far from the truth. I’ve been getting rid of a lot of stuff lately and truthfully, I don’t miss it.
I’ve also learned the hard way that we need to change or upgrade a lot of the things we don’t see. We love to make cosmetic changes to our homes, and they make a big difference. We get new bedding, paint, furniture etc. but we forget to check the water valve – not only do you know where it is, but can you turn it on and off? Do you know where your fire extinguisher or fire blanket is, your first aid kit, batteries, flashlights etc.? Are the connections to your washer and dryer the most appropriate, does your sump pump work, do you have a backup battery? Are your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide hooked up to your security system, and will someone be notified if they go off?
Now is the time to walk around your home and pay attention to these items and more. Reach out if you need help with any of these suggestions. Your home needs love too!
Love is in the air – I can feel it. Pass it on. I love telling my granddaughter Sadie – I Love You More!! Love truly fills you with Joy. Share your LOVE stories with us.
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Have a wonderful week, and please remember we are never too busy for your referrals! Working with people our past clients introduce us to brings us JOY.
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