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Love is in the Air

Valentine's Day - like lots of other things - is the way you look at it. I love Valentine's Day, even though I’m not in love in the romantic sense. Hearts make me happy. I believe we need to

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Find Joy No Matter What

A few weeks ago, I had some significant water damage in my home. It would have been easy to dwell on the negative but I took a deep breath and after some tears I concentrated on the positive. I was

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Home Sweet Home Holiday Memories & JOY in 2024

Happy New Year! Our word for 2024 is JOY – Own Your Joy! I hope 2024 is filled with lots of joy and holds many wonderful moments for you. We would love to hear your word(s) of the year.

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Reflecting on Kindness, Our Theme Word for 2023

As I wrote about last time, for the past two years I have chosen a theme word to guide me in business and in my personal life. Kindness was that word for 2023, and I just want to take a moment to

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